# What is Anagolay?

Anagolay is a peer-to-peer network that stores records of Ownership and Copyright for any multi-media. Proofs and Statements are one of the stored data types and most user centric. Additionally Anagolay stores the Rules and Operations which are the backbone for generating the Proofs and Statements. The last two are developer oriented.

Anagolay comes with built-in economic incentives to ensure the Rules and Operations are correctly implemented, audited and tested by the community.

Anagolay includes a blockchain and native utility token (THT). Participants on the network can earn the THT by validating the Rules and Operations or being the chain validator.

# For users

Anagolay brings the traceability of the implemented process for Copyright and Ownership statements.
This means, once you verify your camera, the copyrights are yours, and nobody can take them away.


# For developers

Imagine the world where thousands of developers implementing the same transparent process for the same or similar input data and getting the predictive outputs that can be verified against already existing Proofs and Statements.

# Vision

Our vision is to bring provable statements of copyright and ownership to everyone on the planet.

Last Updated: 5/13/2021, 5:22:27 PM